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A bit of Python to do draws on Twitter

You can find on the Internet a lot of tips on how to organize a draws (sweepstakes) on Twitter, applications to do it (mostly paid) and the benefits of this type of marketing actions.

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Improve performance making the difference between two layers with PostGIS

Recently one of our clients asked us for help because a geoprocess they were developing in PostGIS took too long to complete.

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GitLab migration keeping mirrors in GitHub

These days, at iCarto, we have finished the planned migration of our repositories from Bitbucket and GitHub to GitLab.

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Manifest/FAQ – What iCarto is NOT

iCarto is not a ‘traditional company’. We do not have funding partners, nor will we have them in the future. As a private entity that distributes profits, we are, by definition, profit-oriented. But profit is not above ethics. Nor is it above the quality and impact of our work. Nor is it above the working […]

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Participatory Mapping Congress of Cartolab and ESF

In November we participated in the Participatory Mapping Congress organized by Cartolab in collaboration with the NGO for International DevelopmentIngeniería Sin Fronteras Galicia.

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Results of the mapping humanitarian workshop (Mozambique floods)

On Friday April 8th, iCarto and CartoLab, the laboratory of Cartography from the University of A Coruña, have run an introductory workshop to OpenStreetMap (OSM) and a mapathon to digitalize housing facilities and roads in the northen area of Mozambique.

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iCarto at CartoDB15

In a few days, our fellow iCartian Andrés Maneiro would be attending the second CartoDB partners meeting in New York, on December 10th and 11th.

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11th international gvSIG conference

Our fellow partner and Chief Executive Officer, Antón Amado, is attending the 11th international gvSIG conference, in Valencia, Spain, from 2th to 4th of December.

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iCarto celebrates its 5th aniversary

Our company was established in July 2010. That makes it 5 years now!

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New incorporations to iCarto

From this week, Francisco Puga joins our team. Francisco, during her research associate at CartoLab, participated in the analysis and development of several GIS projects, as gvSIG and Fonsagua that includes the plugin EPANET-gvsig.

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Results of institutional strengthening project in Mozambique

Last December, iCarto staff traveled to Mozambique for closing the project SIXHIARA, which was aimed at institutional strengthening of a ARA-Norte team, and that had been running since 2012, thanks to funding from the Xunta de Galicia.

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gvSIG-Fonsagua training in ANDA (EL Salvador)

During the first two weeks in October, iCarto has conducted a training for the Administración Nacional de Acueductos y Alcantarillados de El Salvador (ANDA), in which have been participated several technicians of the organization, other members of several related organizations in the water management field (ACUA, ADES, Madre Cría) and civil engeeniering students of the […]

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iCarto collaborates with the release of gvSIG 1.12

gvSIG Association has given a boost to create a new team in order to release a new stable version of the proyect, gvSIG 1.12. This initiative, headed by CartoLab e iCarto, is supported by other members of the gvSIG Association and is opened to new colaborations coming from community arround the project.

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