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iCarto is a technology firm focused on developing and integrating technology which we then apply to improve our clients’ processes. We feel totally comfortable with handling and processing data, particularly geographical data. Our solutions usually include maps, because everything happens somewhere. Our projects are mostly related to civil engineering and development cooperation, but we’re ready and able to take on any challenge – in fact, we thrive on them!

We cover all the aspects of your project

Our services

Technological Consulting

We are your technology partner. We specialise in small and medium-sized entities with limited resources and severe technological constraints. We regularly work with NGOs, SMEs and small public administrations.

We listen to your problems, we understand them, we make them ours, and we help you choose and implement the methods and technology you need to solve them.

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Software Development

We develop customised software, either starting from scratch or adapting existing solutions. We can implement everything from a web-based GeoViewer or a desktop app, to a complex app that integrates web, mobile and desktop components in a single system.

Our pillar is open-source software that allows us to offer you open, adapted solutions that will grow with your needs, and we only charge you for our work.

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Spatial Analysis and Cartography

Any kind of information can be represented on a map, which opens up a whole world of possibilities. We analyse the information available to you and complement it with other data sources.

We are experts at processing, combining and adapting information (geographical) to make it more manageable for your projects or processes. And our maps are both useful and beautiful!

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Inventory of Geographic Information

We create a data model to suit your needs. We design the most appropriate methodology to obtain and update this data.

We gather all kinds of information, on the ground or from different digital sources. We put it on a map and then deliver it to you along with a set of tools that allow you to view, check, edit and work with the information.

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Our expertise



Our business model and previous experience means we know the work pace, hesitancies and needs of non-profits. In our projects we employ participatory methodologies, always from the perspective of Technology for Human Development, open-source software and empowerment.

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presa echando agua

Our experience and a highly qualified technical team enable us to participate in any project related to water planning and water resource management.

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Our team is a blend of professionals with civil engineering and software development backgrounds. We are aware of the needs and problems faced daily by those involved in the management and conservation of road and transport infrastructure.

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ayuntamiento oleiros
Municipal management

We are specialised in working with public administrations, particularly at municipal level. We can help you maximise the value of your information, by collecting it, processing it and creating ways to visualise it that will help in decision-making.

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Proud of our Galician roots, we honour the motto “From Galicia to the World”: we have no borders. We work on the ground in different countries, including Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Mozambique, and we carry out projects for clients anywhere in the world.

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