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iCarto is a technology firm focused on developing and integrating technology which we then apply to improve our clients’ processes. We feel totally comfortable with handling and processing data, particularly geographical data. Our solutions usually include maps, because everything happens somewhere. Our projects are mostly related to civil engineering and development cooperation, but we’re ready and able to take on any challenge – in fact, we thrive on them!

Every firm need to know who they are

Our Values

Free Software
Free Software
It’s our raison d’être. It enables us to create complex technological solutions with reasonable effort and cost. We believe that software development should necessarily imply collaboration and sharing knowledge. We contribute as much as we can to different projects, both economically and through upstream improvements.
Horizontal approach
Horizontal approach
It is difficult to explain this idea applied to a company. At iCarto, all decisions are made jointly in meetings with partners, and by ‘all’ we mean all —from salaries to whether we should buy normal or recycled paper. We do not have managers or directors; we have responsibilities that we try to divide among all of us. We try to eliminate the gap between partners and employees. We have different roles, but we do not believe that some are more important than others.
Work/life balance
Work/life balance
iCarto we promote flexible hours and remote working. Since we are not an industrial chain, we don’t all need to be in the same place at the same time to be able to do our jobs. We do have some rules, but only a few, to ensure coordination and smooth communication. Apart from that, each individual has the freedom to self-manage and adapt their working hours, which allows them to enjoy both their personal life and their work life and makes them more productive.
We believe in development cooperation and try to be an active force. We lead projects financed by different agencies. We also collaborate with NGOs, universities and public administrations, both on a national and international level. Our philosophy in these projects is exclusively to achieve maximum empowerment for the counterparts and beneficiaries.
What iCarto is NOT

Every firm need to know who they are


Back in 2010, eight people who were working at the University of A Coruña as a team decided to set up a company together.

Historically, the balance between partners and employed staff was around 50%. Some of those who started out as employees later became partners.

An important part of our work is our contribution to the field of development cooperation. In 2012, we led our first cooperation project as a company.

We have always had our sights set on internationalisation, and in our second year in business we already had projects outside Spain. In 2014 we won our first international tender. Today we feel comfortable carrying out projects almost anywhere in the world.

We started out working with geographic information systems, focusing on technical clients, and continue to do so. However, over time, due to technological changes and our philosophical evolution, we began moving towards web-based projects so that we could provide systems that integrate highly technical clients and also those with less technological capabilities.

In 2017, we implemented for the first time a platform that would work offline in desktop mode for a single user and also as a web-based app for multiple users with different responsibilities.

All together

We make a good team

iCarto is formed by six partners (all working partners), who make up the nine working staff in the company. Our company operates is a similar way to a cooperative, in that it has a social nature and decisions are taken democratically, based on the ‘one person, one vote’ rule.

Antón Amado
Beatriz Rodríguez
Brais Arias
Elias Gago
Francisco Puga
Jorge Lama
Jorge Ocampo
Mireia Carreras
Pablo Sanxiao