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Institutional strengthening of the National Administration of Water Resources Management (DNGHR) in Portugal and the Regional Water Administrations (ARAs IP) in Mozambique.

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SIGECO Platform

Design and implementation of a platform to support interinstitutional territorial management for Mexico’s National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR, in its Spanish acronym).

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SIGA System

The SIGA System (Sistema de Información y Gestión de Autopistas, in Spanish) is a motorway management and information system that promotes savings in licencing costs, improves the technological independence of the company and smooths internal work and information flows. Implemented on the AP-9, AG-55 and AG-57 motorways.

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  • “Implementing the SIRHAS information system has enhanced our management capabilities, improved institutional procedures and increased our budget” Lizete Dias.
    Chefe de Serviços de Recursos Hídricos, ARA-Sul (DT)
  • “Thanks to the SIGECO project, the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) was able to standardise their databases and improve the territorial management of the projects supported by the institution” Jessica Fong Cisneros.
    Especialista PNUD, Proyecto Fortalecimiento REDD+
  • “Implementing SIGA meant organising our information and giving it a geographic component, thereby achieving a more streamlined, clearer retrieval which makes the management of daily motorway tasks a lot easier” Nuria