iCarto collaborates with the release of gvSIG 1.12

02/03/2012Por iCarto

gvSIG Association has given a boost to create a new team in order to release a new stable version of the proyect, gvSIG 1.12. This initiative, headed by CartoLab e iCarto, is supported by other members of the gvSIG Association and is opened to new colaborations coming from community arround the project.

In this way, gvSIG Association is foostering the professional stuff of the proyect, who is going to be coordinated and working together in order to guarantee the develop of all gvSIG versions.

This way, iCarto, who already has a member into the Board of gvSIG Technical Steering Comite, increases its participation in the gvSIG project.

From iCarto, we are gratefull for the confidence and hope this will be a new beneficial era for everyone.