Participatory Mapping Congress of Cartolab and ESF

10/01/2017Por iCarto

In November we participated in the Participatory Mapping Congress organized by Cartolab in collaboration with the NGO for International DevelopmentIngeniería Sin Fronteras Galicia.

On Monday our partner Pablo Sanxiao introduced OpenStreetMap > (OSM) with special emphasis on the idea that OSM is not a map, but a database. The session continued with the possibilities of OpenStreetMap applied to International Cooperation for Development and Humanitarian Aid talking about HOT (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team). At the end of the morning there was time for the attendees to learn the basic use of id web editor. We have released the slides with a free license to encourage reuse and we have published some additional material.

On Wednesday our partner Francisco Puga guided the workshop about geographic data visualization and the CARTO platform. During the session the importance of using Free Software for ethics motives and to avoid the vendor lock-in was explained. To understand why using a platform such as CARTO for the publication and analysis of geographic information, a brief review of the state of the art was made. The bulk of the day was dedicated to accompanying the attendees in the discovery of the platform and to explore the possibilities of CARTO in the field of Location Intelligence. Here you have the presentation.