Water Service in Oleiros (Galicia, Spain)

Development of the web portal of the municipal water service of Oleiros and their virtual office.

Start Date of the Project: 2017 End Date of the Project: 2018

Development and maintenance of the web portal and virtual office of the water service of the municipality of Oleiros, carried out for the company SERGESCO (Servicios, Gestiones y Contratos S.L.), the current public-service concession holder. We developed a customised web portal in WordPress, which includes a virtual office developed as a Django-based web application and its subsequent integration with an internal management app via intranet with an API REST.

Problems posed by the project

In its effort to better serve citizens, SERGESCO, the public-service concession holder of the municipal water service in Oleiros, explained their need for a web portal that would enable the retrieval of the most relevant information about the service.

We created a point of connection with all users of their services, through which management-related notifications could be sent, such as interventions on the network, breakdowns, ruptures, etc.. We also created a point of two-way communication that allows users to send their meter readings, pay bills, etc.

This portal should also include a virtual office, where any user could view information about their water consumption and water bill history, modify their data and automatically receive new bills in digital format.

And how we solved them

SERGESCO already had an internal web-based management system on their intranet, so we linked that internal app with new developments that had to be accessible via Internet.

The first step was to develop an API REST that would connect this internal management tool with the virtual office. We then developed all the features of the virtual office by creating a Django-based web app. Users are registered via SMS verification and data from the utility bill, connecting with the internal app to check the information. It allows user data to be updated, to change direct debit orders, access water readings and bill history, and to regularly receive e-mail notifications when a new bill is issued.

This virtual office is integrated into the web portal we developed, using WordPress as a platform, for which we created a custom design.

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