Road catalog of the Provincial Council of Lugo

The Vías y Obras service of the Province Council of Lugo manages the provincial road network of over 4,000 km, one of the largest in Spain.

For proper planning of conservation and maintenance tasks, an integrated view of the network to facilitate decision-making and the appropriate allocation of resources is needed.

The core of the platform is a multi-parameter catalog navigation among the 600 roads in the network, as well as query and update the most relevant features of the same (width, pavement type, height, …). Complementarily locates on the roads any event (capacity, accidents, incidents, …), which facilitates the location of points of interest and unique sections when prioritize certain actions.

To get more information check the project page at gitlab or email us requesting a demo to




  • Managing a network of 600 roads and over 4,000 km in length.
  • Exploitation of over 6,500 stretches of features and 5,000 events.
  • Using advanced data modeling techniques such as linear referencing and dynamic segmentation.
  • gvSIG and PostGIS as technology-based.
  • Digitization of information and processes (data centralization, reduced query times …).
  • Design tools that facilitate the maintenance and updating of data.