Information System for the Land Bank Authority in Galicia autonomous region

The Galician Lank Bank Authority is a public instrument created by the Regional Environment Agency to regulate the use and utilization of agricultural farms.

Its goal is twofold: to prevent the rural abandon and to help people to find land for agricultural, breeding or forestal purposes.

Its sits between landlords and tenants in order to help them to create mutual trust by providing guarantees and secure mechanisms to rent and use the land.




SITEGAL is the Information System for the Land Bank Authority. It supports users in the renting process and the day-to-day activities they need to carry in order to manage the farms.

The project is based in a Java technological stack (Spring, Wicket) and we use PostgreSQL/PostGIS as the cluster to store and retrieve the data.

iCarto collaborates with a larger team to support the platform and create new features, as the payment gateway that implements the SEPA european standard.