CONAFOR Geographic Information System (SIGECO)

Under the UN-REDD+ program to fight climate change, iCarto, in partnership with gvSIG Association and Geoalternativa, has developed the CONAFOR Geographic Information System. CONAFOR is the state agency responsible for the sustainable forest development policies in Mexico.

Funded by UNDP, the project was aimed to design and implement a platform that supported inter-institutional territorial management, improve decision-making and grants coordination. SIGECO is integrated with other governmental tools for Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) that help the agencies to fight climate change.

The effort consisted of consulting, data processing, development and integration of open source technologies. As a result, the data dispersion has been reduced, interdepartmental cooperation has been promoted and the quality of geographic data available has improved.




  • Requirements analysis within 12 national departments and 5 state agencies, including the definition of user roles, improvements to internal operations.
  • Definition of tools to use and interaction design according to requirements.
  • Process and cartographic design for more than 90 base data layers.
  • Analysis and process of 70,000 grants for initial data load.
  • A territorial database, based on PostgreSQL/PostGIS technologies.
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) based on Geoserver and a common API for all platform components.
  • Web application that implements the grants management workflow that integrates a tailored version of GeoExplorer.
  • Corporate GIS tool based on gvSIG that enable users to digitalize new data and perform advanced analysis.
  • Online training: general GIS concepts and specific gvSIG tools.
  • On-site training for users: operation of the custom tools developed for the project.
  • On-site training for administrators: operation and management of the technogical stack, including Geoserver and PostgreSQL/PostGIS.