Integrated management system of the Spanish state highway AP-9 (European route E-01)

With 220 km in length and an average traffic of 28,000 vehicles per day, the Atlantic Highway is the main route of communication of the region of Galicia.

AUDASA, (Autopistas del Atlántico Concesionaria Española S.A.), is the current concessionaire of the highway.

The Management Information System (SIGA) allows you to access all the information highway in an integrated manner. It is a modular and flexible, customizable system according to customer needs or characteristics of the track. It currently has the following modules, on which the existing information in client programs or in paper format was migrated:



  • Expropiated plots
  • Reversions
  • Expropiation limit line
  • WMS with georeferenced maps of the expropriation process
  • Geographic localization of the elements of the AP-9
    • Signals
    • Islets and Slopes
    • Culverts and drainage
  • Jobs management and recognitions of state



  • PM located
  • Domain lines of the Highway
  • Personalized reports
  • Web application for the administrative management of files
    • Applications
    • Written Output
    • Police margins
    • Reversions