Onde Están

OndeEstán: locate your animals in real time

OndeEstán is a platform for controlling the position of animals remotely.

Allows farmers to know the exact position in which its animals are on the farm, receiving alerts when they leave the confines of the same.

Access to the platform




  • Locate the current position of your animals in real time.
  • Receive alerts by mail and SMS.
  • Define a “virtual fence” and learn when your animals are outside of it.
  • App: web technologies HTML5/Javascript, working in mobile devices.
  • REST services: built out of pyramid framework and PostgreSQL/PostGIS database.
  • We prototype and implement the project together with CartoLab, from Cesáreo García‘s initial idea, the project promoter.
  • Electronic devices have been built by Noventia Ingenieros, specifically for this project.