Data publication of Survey on Local Infrastructure and Facilities of province of Pontevedra

Currently, the Ministerio de Política Territorial y Administración Pública of Spain, receives data from all Spanish councils through the Survey on Local Infraestructure and Facilities. With this information the allocations of funds are made and assigned to local administrations.

We have worked with the Provincial Council of Pontevedra to facilitate access and reuse of their data by other public administrations, organizations and citizens.

IDEPo is a platform built entirely on free software components. You can download the source code and adapt it to your needs.

For more information on the possibilities offered by the platform please contact with us.




Designing an user-friendly web platform for the general public. Releasing a large amount of data from 5.200 populated areas, including 40.000 stretches of road networks, 30.000 of water networks and more than 150.000 facilities.

Service Oriented Architecture, with Geoserver and PostGIS as a technological base and data optimizations for viewing.

Automating the process of publishing annual data. First OpenData initiative of the Provincial Council of Pontevedra, with the publication of data under a CC-0 license.