GIS Training

On-site Courses

gvSIG introductory training for Oxfam Spain

On-site training in accordance with the requirements and needs of IO, with the following objectives:

  • Knowing the potential of Geographic Information Technologies .
  • Acquiring basic skills to use gvSIG.
  • Acquiring ability to generate maps from GPS points.
  • Acquiring ability to generate thematic maps.

Training on basic hydraulics and using EPANET and gvSIG for Amphos 21

On-site training requested by the company Amphos 21 Consulting SL. It was carried out in collaboration with the Water Engineering and Environment, University of A Coruña (GEAMA ).

The training was aimed at strengthening the technical staff of the “Direcção Provincial de Obras Públicas e Habitação (DPOPH)” ( Provincial directorate of public works and housing”) in the province of Cabo Delgado ( Mozambique).

gvSIG Training for the College of Agricultural Engineers of Galicia

On-site training in accordance with the requirements and needs of the College of Agricultural Engineers Training of Galicia. The attendees obtained official certification of 90 credits belonging to the gvSIG User certification awarded by gvSIG Association.

On-line Courses

Creating content for the on- line course: “Use of geographic information technologies in the field of development cooperation”

The course was divided into three modules:

  • Basics concepts.
  • Applications and specific GIS tools suitable for use in development cooperation.
  • GIS general applications in development cooperation.