Open Source Software Office

Open Source Software Office for Galicia regional government

iCarto works jointly with IGALIA in carrying on the activities developed by the Open Source Software Office (OCFLOSS) for  Galicia regional government, Xunta de Galicia.

The office duty is to develop all the activities related to free and open source software by Xunta de Galicia and also to advice other agents in the regional goverment about Open Source Software and Open Data. It offers its help to other public local administrations, private and non-profit organizations, as well.

It answers to the Agency for the Technological Modernization (AMTEGA) and offer its services through Mancomún platform.




The office gives advice and consultancy about Open Source Software and Open Data to several public institutions.

It participates in defining strategies related to Open Source Software through the Digital Agenda for 2020 and the Open Source Action Plan, that is released once a year.

It aims to spread the awareness of Open Source and the reutilization of existing solutions within the public administration.

The office organizes activities such as seminars in the Demonstrative Center for ICT, publishes reutilization journals and articles, runs the contest to the Best Free Software Thesis and create demonstrative projects.

One of its main duties is the release to the public of software and data owned by the Xunta de Galicia, the regional government.

Through the years the office has released number of products developed for the goverment for others to use. It helps private and non-profit organizations to understand how they may release as Open Source Software their projects.