Hazard and flood risk maps

Hazard and flood risk maps

Floods are periodic natural phenomena, where good planning can help to reduce their impact considerably.

Hazard and risk maps provide an effective information tool for setting priorities and making technical, economic and political decisions related to flood management.

At iCarto we work on the integral cycle of flood risk assessment and management, which promotes planning and reduction of the impact of these phenomena.




  • Step I: Preliminary assessment (PFRA) and identification of areas of significant potential risk (APSFRs).
  • Step II: Hazard maps and flood risk maps.
  • Step III: Flood Risk Management Plans.
  • Show the potential adverse consequences associated with various flood scenarios (T500, T100, T50 and T10).
  • Hazard maps and flood risk maps.
  • Analysis of potential socio-economic risks associated with floods.
  • Applications for visualization and management of results.