EIEL Coruña

Updated, analysis and maintenance of A Coruña EIEL

Survey of Local Infrastructure and Equipment (EIEL) is mandated by the Ministry of Territorial Policy to all Provincial Governments. The survey collects a huge amount of information on the land.

In 2010 UTE iCarto – SIGNO was awarded the project “Servicios de actualización, análisis y mantenimiento de la EIEL de la provincia de A Coruña”, tendered by the Provincial Council of A Coruña. During the duration of the contract took place two full updates EIEL A Coruna, phases 2010 and 2011, including delivery to the Ministry and the subsequent compliance validation process data as well as the maintenance and upgrade of the applications as part of the platform eielAC: BDT-EIEL, Node ideAC y gisEIEL.




They took out two full updates of the survey, 2010 and 2011 phases, including demographic, urban planning, culture heritage, roads, equipment, lighting, municipal solid waste, water supply and sanitation networks, nautical and sports facilities, projects E plan, POS and PCC projects of the council, etc … Applications and geographic database (BDT-EIEL) to the new model EIEL 2010 data published by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration were adapted and improvements and bug fixes were made in different applications eielAC platform, especially in application for updating information: gisEIEL. A diagnostic report of dotacional level for all municipalities in the province of A Coruña with indicators on the state of the facilities and service levels, as well as an analysis report, urban study and assessment of real estate assets of the Provincial Council of A Coruña was held.