Commons Lab Inventory

Commons Lab Inventory: a platform for crowdsourcing and citizen science projects

The Wilson Center is a research institute based on Washington, D.C that focuses on tackling global issues to inform actionable ideas. The Commons Lab unit works on emerging technologies, networks, and methods that mobilize public participation in science, technology, and policy..

The Commons Lab Inventory is an initiative to support a growing community of federal agencies engaging the public through crowsourcing, citizen science and open source innovation.

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The inventory aims to monitor all initiatives regarding crowdsourcing and citizen science within the United States of America, to identify opportunities and engaging the public.

The platform is a web app based on HTML5 and Javascript technologies, such as Backbone, Leaflet or Bootstrap. CARTO has been used as data and visualization backend.

We worked Commons Lab team to create a new interaction based on its original prototype, a interface that was more consistent with its brand and a data model that supported its process and work methodology.