Cadastre Mexico

GIS application for the management of Mexican municipal cadastre

Geoware company from Mexico colaborates with gvSIG Association in order to develop a gvSIG-based application that it allows to do the basic CAD operations to manage cadastral land parcels in the communes of Mexico.

iCarto specialists moved to Mexico for two weeks to join the team within the company Geoware, and carry out the development of the specific CAD tools and technical training company in development with gvSIG.

Access to source code




  • Develop a tool that allows gvSIG perform specific operations on CAD ​​cadastral elements: Regions, apples, land and buildings.
  • Training of Mexican technicians for development with gvSIG.
  • GvSIG extension that allows CAD operations adapted to the requirements of land, based on the extension OpenCADTools was developed.
  • Implementing rules topological on created and modified geometries through the JTS library.
  • gvSIG extension that allows specific CAD cadastral operations.
  • Improvements on OpenCADTools extension, integrated upstream.