Mobility study in the population areas of sustainability of Local Agenda 21

iCarto has participated in the project “Implementation and development of Agenda 21 in the nuclei of sustainability: Oza dos Rios, Ribadeo, Carballiño, Lalin and Cuntis” tendered by the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure da Xunta de Galicia.

Local Agenda 21, as a strategic planning tool of municipalities, includes an sustainability audit, wich consist in gathering every data that could be important for long-term planning of future development.

Our job was to make a technical diagnosis of the current situation in mobility terms for each municipalities. This activity realized on a wide documentary base and It was focused on demographic, economic and social aspects.

The three main blocks of the study are detailed next.




For each municipality under study, a zone of influence was established based on administrative and geographical criteria and on interdependent relationships with neighboring territories. Areas and main communication hub were marked off from transport networks and mobility characteristics relating to this zone of influence.

Infrastructure inventory and transport services are performed collecting its main features. The road network and major urban roads, dedicated lanes, pedestrian walkway, parking services was analized. As for services, public transport available was studied : bus lines, train, …

Trends in population displacement was analyzed distinguishing between work or study, shopping or leisure trips. Therefore, a modal distribution of these displacements was obteined depending on the kind of transport used.